/// Blocked drains

We’ve all been there… brushing your teeth and the sink drains at half the speed you need it to, flushing the toilet and nothing happens except the bowl filling up with water. Blocked drains are anything but pleasant!At Ken Harrison Reliable Plumbers, we’ll sort your blocked drains out in the most efficient way that we can. Depending on the cause of the blocked drain, we will use one of our quality methods to unblock the drain as quickly as possible.

For those really tricky blocked drains, we are well equipped with the Rothenberger R 600 machine which is sure to solve any blockage problem.

Common Causes of a Blocked Drain:

Normal build up of waste, for example solidified cooking fat.
Foreign objects. This can be easily prevented through correct disposal of items and educating your children and staff what can and can’t be put down the toilet
Roots that have penetrated into the drain.
Structural problems.