/// Geyser maintenance

Burst Geysers

The only thing that is worse than your geyser running up your electricity bill is a burst geyser! Burst geysers not only cause an inconvenience, but they cause damage to your building and furniture too – depending where they are situated of course.

Ken Harrison Reliable Plumbers assists clients by replacing burst geysers as soon as we possibly can. We understand the inconvenience caused with this type of situation and the urgency required to solving the problem and getting things back to normal.

Geyser Upgrades

Did you know that the South African National Standard (SANS) 10254 states that every geyser installed after June 2001 should comply with the following by laws?

Every geyser must have a drip tray underneath and overflow pipes leading to the outside of the building.
Geysers with no safety valves and safety valve overflows must not be interconnected.
The safety valve overflows must be metallic.
There must be vacuum breakers on the hot and cold water pipes 300mm above the geyser.
Does your geyser comply with the above by-laws? If you answer no, or you have absolutely no idea… we recommend a geyser inspection and upgrade to ensure the safety of your home or office, and your family.

Geyser Safety

Burst geysers and other geyser problems not only cause damage to your buildings, they also pose electrical and water damage dangers to yourself and your family. Whether your geyser is located in your ceiling, above your bath or on an external wall, the energy contained within an overhead geyser can be equivalent of half a kilogram of TNT dynamite.

One of the biggest problems is that homeowners are largely unaware that their geysers are faulty before it is too late and the damage has been done.

Geyser Safety Tips

Ensure that your thermostat is not set to or over 70°C – this will ensure that the pressure does not build to the point where the safety valve needs to release. In the event of the safety or pressure release valves failing, the pressure can build to the point where the tank ruptures.
It’s important to ensure that your geyser is installed correctly. An incorrect installation can be very dangerous. The best way to ensure this is to utilise a reputable geyser installation company.
When leaving your home for a few days, switch off your geyser at the distribution board and isolate the water supply feeding the tank. Not only will this help you save on your electricity bill, but is can also prevent possible flooding mishaps.