/// Leak detection

Our pride and joy, and where we have gained our reputation, is leak detection! There is nothing worse than a nuisance water leak in your home or company. Not only do water leaks damage building infrastructure such as walls and ceilings, they cost you money and harm our environment. Always wondered why your water bill is so high? It could be that you have an undetected water leak in your building.Our highly trained specialist ‘detectives’ will come out to your building and perform a ‘leak detection test’ to find out where your water pipes may be leaking, and more importantly, why. Once we have found the leak we get it fixed and start saving you money that was previously wasted.

Before calling us for a leak detection test, carry out the following:

If you suspect that you have a water leak, isolate all your toilets and taps by switching off your water mains.
Go to the municipal meter and see if it is moving.
If there is no movement, it means that your water loss is occurring above ground, for example a toilet may be running continuously or your geyser may be overflowing due to a faulty valve.
If there is movement, it indicates that there is an underground leak on the property, for example the main water supply feeding your house may be leaking.
We will then come out and to do a pressure test.
If there is a drop in pressure, it verifies that there is a leak.
If there is not a drop in pressure, we will provide you with a letter confirming that there is no underground leak which may be given to the Council for them to investigate further; we are registered with the Ekurhuleni Councils.
The plumber will then trace your metal pipes with a metal detector.
A mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen gas is then pumped into the system.
Machines will be used to trace the gas.
Where the gas escapes from the system, that’s where your water leak is.
Once the leak is found, we will advise you accordingly. We will always try our best to minimise or even eliminate resultant damages.
Once the repair has been carried out and the account settled, we will provide you with a letter explaining your water loss issues. This letter can be submitted to your municipality which may qualify you for a rebate.
We can also provide you with a full report that you can submit to your insurance company.