/// LP gas installation

In a day and age where we cannot afford increases on basic living costs, having certain energy and water saving measures in place is a necessityWe install and maintain Liquefied Petroleum (LP) Gas. Basically energy in a bottle, LP Gas is efficient, powerful, portable and safe, and can be used for cooking, heating, lighting and even refrigeration.

The advantages of LP Gas over electricity

LP Gas is an efficient fuel for cooking, water and space heating.
It’s portable and safe.
When heating water with LP Gas, only the water that is used is heated, opposed to an electric geyser which heats the entire tank capacity.
Cooking with LP Gas is economical as there is no warm up or cool down time and temperature control is easier and more effective.
For space heating, heat generated from a gas geyser does not remove water molecules from the air which means that the air is not dried out like it is with a conventional heater.
LP Gas is extremely economical. Heat is available almost instantly, meaning that you use less overall.